Is Linux Mint 22 Released?

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There is no informationabout Mint 22 release date


You can check which version of Linux Mint you are using by opening the "About" page in the Linux Mint Menu. You can also open a terminal window and type in the command
lsb_release -a
. This will display information about your Linux Mint version, including the release number.

About Linux Mint

Linux Mint is a popular distribution of GNU/Linux, oriented for individual daily use. It is based on the very popular distributions of Ubuntu and Debian.

The Linux Mint distribution is used mostly by entry-level users looking for a simple experience, made possible with the host of native apps that Mint features. This includes a proprietary file transfer system, uploaders, installer, desktop controller, among many other features that with other distributions of Linux might be a bit complex to operate without knowing one’s way around computers and technology in general.

One of the friendliest features of Linux Mint is that it can be installed via a flash drive or a CD right on a Windows machine, where usually installation of Linux distros can be quite complicated at times.

There are other important features that make this distribution unique. It has full multimedia support integrated straight out of the box, which sadly is a feature that other distributions may not have. Its set of basic integrated functionalities make it extremely simple to just install and proceed to use it as if it was a regular operating system like most of us are used to. Linux Mint is impressive with how it handles resources. One can find testimonies online of running it in a virtual machine environment with less than 4 GB of RAM, and still conducting multiple activities (playing media, transmitting files, etc.) without much delay to the system, which is reported to keep running smoothly.


Linux Mint is arguably the most widely used Operating System behind Mac and Windows. The current stable release for Linux Mint is nicknamed “Ulyssa”, and it is version 20.1, widely praised for its addition of desktop-related apps. The version was released on the 8th of January of 2021, with no clear date for when the next update will be.